Hello, I’m Kathryn Garner. I’m a writer, artist and researcher living and working in Bristol, UK. I study how cells in our bodies detect and respond to hormone signals, and I’m exploring ways in which art can be used to open conversations about scientific findings with the public.

After leaving school, I went first to Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College (Bucks College as we knew it then) to study for a BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art & Design (Art foundation) (1999) and then on to Falmouth College of Arts to study for BA(hons) Fine Art (2002). In the art school library I developed a surprising fascination for the brightly-coloured cell and tissue microscopy images in the biology books. I made my large collection of Cell Paintings, but not content with truly understanding the images I was copying, I embarked on further study, culminating in BSc(hons) Molecular Cell Biology (2008) and Ph.D Physiology (2012) at University College London. I am now a Research Fellow at the University of Bristol and currently hold a personal Fellowship from Kidney Research UK.

This blog, Miniature Worlds, can be considered to be my blog: Volume 2. The first volume, Painting, Drawing and Molecular Biology, was a labour of love for more than six years. By the end I found it was pulling me in all directions, no longer sure what it wanted to be or what it wanted to say. And I lost the passwords. So it was time for a fresh start.

This new blog will focus on my creative work, particularly writing, drawing, painting, sculpture and installation. It will mostly have some leaning on Science and the microscopic world, even if unintentional, because this has been my life since reaching adulthood. You can view my portfolio of creative work, which features drawing, painting and sculpture prior to 2012. New work will feature here.

I hope you enjoy looking at these pages. If you have any comments please get in touch via the Contact page.